5 Most Common Reactions Sales & Marketing People Receive From Customers

5 Most Common Reactions Sales & Marketing People Receive From Customers

Sales and marketing are integral parts of any business. They need to focus on these aspects of business thoughtfully if they want to thrive in the market. Sales and marketing skills help business owners and professionals to make more clients and increase their clientele. These professionals often need to tackle potential customers.

Sales and marketing professionals can better their chances of making sales by learning effective customer-handling techniques. They can learn adequate skills through sales and marketing workshops. Once they begin to anticipate the client’s expectations, they enhance their chances of getting success.

Meanwhile, let us share and elaborate on the 5 most common reasons for rejections by customers for sales and marketing. Learn how to tackle them effectively to improve your chances of getting deals.

I don’t need it: One of the most common rejections sales and marketing professionals get through is that the customers say that they don’t need the particular products/services. In such cases, you need to make them visualize the comforts and benefits they would be getting with the corresponding products/services. Offering demos or trials can be great ways to get breakthroughs.

The price is too high: Every product/service comes with a price and so is another widely-used way of customer rejection. They tend to say the prices are too high according to their expectation and they are not going to buy it. In such scenarios, focus on utility and quality. Let them understand how cost-effective the corresponding service/product is in the long run.

It’s cheaper somewhere else: While making sales efforts, you often come across the rejection mentioning that they have seen a similar offer at a lower price. In that case, make them understand that they would be saving time by making a prompt purchase whereas other deals may not be worth putting in further time and effort. Focus on quality and make them realize long-term benefits too.

Need to think about it more: Potential buyers often say that they need to think a bit more about the product/service to make a proper decision for purchase. If they say so, don’t put further pressure on them to purchase. Elaborate about the quality and utility of the product/service and focus on the benefits they would be missing by delaying the purchase.

Need to consult my partner: Potential buyers often delay purchases by quoting the need for consultation with their partner first. In such scenarios, avoid pushing things as it can give rise to further conflicts between them. Sales and marketing workshops suggest proceeding and asking the concerns may their partner show and offer your solutions accordingly in favor of making them buy your service/product.

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